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We are members of ILH-Israel Hostels, a network of hostels from the Golan to Eilat with European standards of cleanliness, a true backpacker’s vibe, joined kitchen and affordable rates. ILH’s mission is to support independent travelers and make your trip to Israel a unique travel experience.​

Juha’s Guesthouse

Juha’s Guesthouse is the first guesthouse in Jisr az-Zarqa, the only Arab village on the coast of the Mediterranean sea in Israel. We are located in the heart of the village. Once here, a short walk will bring you to a beautiful sandy beach where you have the opportunity to experience the authentic atmosphere of an ancient Arab fishermen’s village. You can also take a 30 minute walk on the famous “Israel Trail” to one of the most popular tourist sites in Israel, Caesarea, or visit the “Crocodile Stream Nature Reserve” a 10 minute walk from Juha’s. Hiking trails, water sports, cooking workshops, take your pick!

Meet the founders of Juha’s Guesthouse and Tours

​Ahmad Juha – an Israeli Arab from Jisr az-Zarqa, Israel.
An entrepreneur, married with seven children, whose dream is to improve the livelihood of the people in his village.

Neta Hanien – a Jewish woman from Aviel, Israel.
A lawyer, backpacker, and Scuba diving instructor, married with three children, whose dream is to benefit society and travelers by running a unique guesthouse.

Our visions led us to an exciting collaboration and the joint mission of “Juha’s Guesthouse,” which fulfills our shared goals of serving both the local village community and the community of backpackers and travelers.

Picture of the Jisr a Zarqa bridge which gave the name to the village

Our Location

Jisr az-Zarqa (Arabic: جِسْر الزَّرْقَاء‎ lit. The blue bridge, Hebrew: גִ’סְּר א-זַּרְקָא; often shortened as Jisr) is an Israeli Arab town on Israel’s northern Mediterranean coastal plain. Located just north of Caesarea within the Haifa District, it achieved local council status in 1963. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) the town had a population of 13,689 in 2014, living on 1,500 dunams (1.5 km2) of coastal land. 80% of residents reportedly live below the poverty line. The name Jisr az-Zarqa is a reference to Taninim Stream, which is known in Arabic as the “Blue Valley” (Wadi az-Zarka). The mayor is Az-Adin Amash.

Jisr az-Zarqa is the only Arab-majority town in Israel located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.