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Juha’s Guesthouse
Omar Ben Elhatab 153, Jiser a Zarqa
Ahmad “Juha” Jordan – 052-8622088


30 minutes from Haifa
40 minutes from Tel Aviv
90 minutes from Jerusalem
Transportation options are listed below!
For transportation routes & schedules visit (destination Juha’s Guesthouse Jisr az Zarqa, Israel)

From Tel Aviv/Jerusalem:​
1.Take a Train to Binyamina (from Tel Aviv to Binyamina, 30 min/ from Ben Gurion Airport, 55 min, From Navon Railway Station Jerusalem: 90 min)

  1. From Binyamina train station, take “Kavim” bus #69 to Jisr az Zarqa (10 minutes)

    To find the right bus station next to Binyamina’s train station: Go out of the Binyamina train station, and turn right (south.) Walk 20 meters from the trains’ gate, and you will see stairs to a bridge. Cross the bridge. As you head down the other side, turn left (south) and walk a few meters on the sidewalk. There you’ll see a yellow sign which is the bus station. Take bus #69.
  2. Get off at Jisr az-Zarka’s HMO – “Kupat Holim” (it’s the 9th stop). Then walk up the street to the T Junction. Turn right.

​From Galilee/Golan or if you are not near a train station

  1. Take a bus to Furadis Junction.
  2. From Furadis Junction, cross road 4 to where the traffic is heading south. Take bus #921 to Beit Hanania Junction.
  3. From Beit Hanania Junction, there are some options:

a. Wait for bus #68/69 to Jisr az-Zarqa and get off at Jisr az Zarka’s HMO (“Kupat Holim” stop. Walk up the street to the T Junction. Turn right. You will be in front of the pharmacy and see us across the street.

b. Walk along the road toward Jisr az-Zarqa, always heading straight-don’t follow signs to “Jisr north.” You will see us on your right at the large intersection.

c. Call us, and if possible, we will come pick you up.

By Car – Juha’s Guesthouse Omar Ben Elhatab 153 Jisr az Zarqa
Please park along the sidewalks marked with blue & white (you’ll find space across from the schools past the guesthouse heading west) and make sure not to block any businesses or driveways.

Carmen 053-9023293/ Ahmad: 052-8622088