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30 minutes from Haifa
40 minutes from Tel Aviv
90 minutes from Jerusalem ​

Transportation options are listed below! ​

For bus departure times visit

From Tel Aviv (40 min)

or any train station

1.Take a Train to Binyamina (from Tel Aviv to Binyamina, 30 min/ from Ben Gurion Airport, 55 min)

2. From Binyamina train station, take “Kavim” bus #69 to Jisr az Zarqa (10 minutes)

To find the right bus station next to Binyamina’s train station: Go out of the Binyamina train station, and turn right (south.) Walk 20 meters from the trains’ gate, and you will see stairs to a bridge. Cross the bridge. As you head down the other side, turn left (south) and walk a few meters on the sidewalk. There you’ll see a yellow sign which is the bus station. Take bus #69.

3. Get off at Jisr az-Zarka’s HMO – “Kupat Holim” (it’s the 9th stop). Then walk up the street to the T Junction. Turn right.


From Jerusalem (90 min)

Galilee/Golan or if you are not near a train station

1. Take a bus to Furadis Junction. Direct bus from Jerusalem: Central Bus Station #940 / third floor

2. From Furadis Junction, cross road 4 to where the traffic is heading south. Take bus #921 to Beit Hanania Junction.

3. From Beit Hanania Junction, there are some options:

a. Wait for bus #68/69 to Jisr az-Zarqa and get off at Jisr az Zarka’s HMO (“Kupat Holim” stop. Walk up the street to the T Junction. Turn right. You will be in front of the pharmacy and see us across the street.

b. Walk along the road toward Jisr az-Zarqa, always heading straight-don’t follow signs to “Jisr north.” You will see us on your right at the large intersection.

c. Call us, and if possible, we will come pick you up.

From Haifa (30 min)

1. Take bus #768 to Jisr az-Zarqa from Hof HaCarmel