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Maagan Michael, Nahsholim, Dor, and Habonim

Maagan Michael (kibbutz), Nahsholim (kibbutz), Dor (kibbutz), and Habonim (moshav)

The directions Tel Dor are fairly simple. Just walk to the beach, and then north.

Hiking north will take you on the beach past several kibbutzim. Nahsholim has a resort area on the beach. There is an archeology museum inside the kibbutz (The Mizgaga Museum). Dor and Habonim both have a beautiful and extensive nature reserve all along the beach. Camping is allowed around the beach side entrance into Habonim. At the other end of the moshav is the Crusader fortress “Cafarlet” and recent excavations of a Byzantine city.

Note that for this hike, the terrain along the beach changes quite a bit – from flat to hilly, from smooth to rocky, from quiet to noisy. Bring water, food, sunscreen, and shoes. And most importantly of all – have fun!

The Historical Periodization of Archeology on the Carmel Coast

The ruins that you will see on these hikes were attempts by past civilizations to exploit and settle the Mediterranean Coast and its water inlets. More or less, these areas have been consistently inhabited for three thousand years.


Phoenician/Persian – 600BCE-300BCE

Hellenistic/Hasmonean – 300BCE-100CE

Roman – 100CE-400CE

Byzantine – 400CE-600CE

Early Islamic/Umayyad – 600CE-900CE

Middle Islamic/Abbasid – 900CE-1100CE

Crusader/Ayyubid – 1100CE-1300CE

Late Islamic/Mamluk – 1300CE-1500CE

Ottoman – 1500CE-1900CE

British Mandate – 1900CE-1948CE

Israeli – 1948CE-