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The directions to Caesarea National Park are fairly simple. Just walk to the beach, and then south.

You can enter the archeology park in Caesarea by either following the road from the parking lot next to the aqueduct, or continuing on the beach until you reach a staircase into the park. There are restaurants, museums, and gift shops throughout the park.

This hike takes you about one hour. We can give you a ride if you don’t want to walk both ways 🙂


The Historical Periodization of Archeology on the Carmel Coast

The ruins that you will see on these hikes were attempts by past civilizations to exploit and settle the Mediterranean Coast and its water inlets. More or less, these areas have been consistently inhabited for three thousand years.


Phoenician/Persian – 600BCE-300BCE

Hellenistic/Hasmonean – 300BCE-100CE

Roman – 100CE-400CE

Byzantine – 400CE-600CE

Early Islamic/Umayyad – 600CE-900CE

Middle Islamic/Abbasid – 900CE-1100CE

Crusader/Ayyubid – 1100CE-1300CE

Late Islamic/Mamluk – 1300CE-1500CE

Ottoman – 1500CE-1900CE

British Mandate – 1900CE-1948CE

Israeli – 1948CE-