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Young Leaders

The “Young Leaders” Initiative is a leadership program for Youth from Jisr az-Zarqa. The program was founded and is led by Genevieve Begue, educational manager at the Juha’s Guesthouse. It combines English learning and empowerment of local youth.

We encourage youths to take part in leading their community for a better future by providing them with weekly workshops and leadership activities, multicultural encounters or by training them to guide tours of their village in English while sharing their story. We organize meaningful encounters between the Young Leaders, Jewish youths from Israel and volunteers and guests from all over the world, creating new inspiring relationships.

“We can believe and think what we want to, as long as we are willing to listen and willing to give the other a try”.

Genevieve Begue – Educational Manager, Young Leaders project


“What makes this program so special is that the kids keep coming

although they have no formal obligation to. Genevieve turned

empowering those kids into her life project.

They feel her dedication and they show her respect and love.

Genevieve has her special way to be a demanding  mentor and a close

friend at the same time”

Neta Hanien – Co-founder of Juha’s Guesthouse



Thanks to our partner JCF who supports this project